Nebraska Revised Statute 16-247

Chapter 16


Ordinances; revision; publication.

A city of the first class may revise the ordinances of the city from time to time and publish the same in book, pamphlet, or electronic form. Such revision shall be by one ordinance, embracing all ordinances preserved as changed or added to and perfected by revision, and shall embrace all the ordinances of every nature preserved, and be a repeal of all ordinances in conflict with such revision; but all ordinances then in force shall continue in force after such revision for the purpose of all rights acquired, fines, penalties, forfeitures, and liabilities incurred, and actions therefor. The only title necessary for such revision and repeal shall be An ordinance to revise all the ordinances of the city of ......................, and sections and chapters may be used instead of numbers, and original titles need not be preserved, nor signature of the mayor required.


Cross References

  • For procedure generally in revision of ordinances, see sections 16-403 to 16-405.