Nebraska Revised Statute 16-240

Chapter 16


Health; sanitary regulations.

A city of the first class by ordinance may make regulations to secure the general health of the city, prescribe rules for the prevention, abatement, and removal of nuisances, make and prescribe regulations for the construction, location, and keeping in order of all slaughterhouses, stockyards, warehouses, sheds, stables, barns, dairies, or other places where offensive matter is kept, or is likely to accumulate, within the city or within its extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction, and to limit or fix the maximum number of swine or neat cattle that may be kept in sheds, stables, barns, feedlots, or other enclosures.



  • Ordinance prohibiting keeping classes of livestock within three hundred feet of a residence is constitutional and valid under this section. Beaty v. Baker, 183 Neb. 349, 160 N.W.2d 199 (1968).

  • City, by ordinance, is authorized to make it unlawful to maintain stockyards within certain limits of city, and such act is not an arbitrary and unreasonable interference with owner's property, though such yards are properly maintained and are not a nuisance. Union Pacific R. R. Co. v. State of Nebraska, 88 Neb. 247, 129 N.W. 290 (1911).

  • Cities have the power to contract for the removal of refuse, filth, and garbage from public and private premises, within their limits. Kelly v. Broadwell, 3 Neb. Unof. 617, 92 N.W. 643 (1902).