Nebraska Revised Statute 16-222

Chapter 16 Section 222


Fire department; establishment authorized; fire prevention; regulations.

A city of the first class may provide for the organization and support of a fire department; procure fire engines, hooks, ladders, buckets, and other apparatus; organize fire engine, hook and ladder, and bucket companies, and prescribe rules for duty and the government of the fire department, with such penalties as the city council may deem proper, not exceeding one hundred dollars; make all necessary appropriations for the fire department; and establish regulations for the prevention and extinguishment of fires. The city may prescribe limits within which no building shall be constructed except of brick, stone, or other incombustible material, with fireproof roof, and impose a penalty for the violation of such ordinance. The city may cause the destruction or removal of any building constructed or repaired in violation of such ordinance, and after such limits are established, no special permits shall be given for the erection or repairing of buildings of combustible material. The city may regulate the construction and inspection of, and order the suppression of and cleaning of, fireplaces, chimneys, stoves, stovepipes, ovens, boilers, kettles, forges, or any apparatus used in any building, business, or enterprise which may be dangerous in causing or promoting fires, and prescribe limits within which dangerous or obnoxious and offensive businesses or enterprises may be conducted.


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  • A city is liable, under the workmen's compensation law, to a fireman injured while attending a firemen's convention with the consent and approval of city authorities. City of Fremont v. Lea, 115 Neb. 565, 213 N.W. 820 (1927).