Nebraska Revised Statute 16-120

Chapter 16 Section 120


Annexation; inhabitants; services; when.

The inhabitants of territories annexed by a city of the first class shall receive substantially the services of other inhabitants of such city as soon as practicable. Adequate plans and necessary city council action to furnish such services shall be adopted not later than one year after the date of annexation, and such inhabitants shall be subject to the ordinances and regulations of such city, except that the one-year period shall be tolled pending final court decision in any court action to contest such annexation.



  • This section requires a city to furnish city services to newly annexed areas within 1 year after annexation. In re Application of City of Grand Island, 247 Neb. 446, 527 N.W.2d 864 (1995).

  • Requirement of this section that benefits of annexation be furnished as soon as practicable after annexation meets requirements of due process. Plumfield Nurseries, Inc. v. Dodge County, 184 Neb. 346, 167 N.W.2d 560 (1969).

  • Where not impossible for city to provide services within one year, action contesting annexation on ground of such alleged inability was premature. United States v. City of Bellevue, 334 F.Supp. 881 (D. Neb. 1971).