Nebraska Revised Statute 16-1105

Chapter 16


Merger plan; contents; advisory committee.

(1) After adoption of a resolution pursuant to section 16-1104 by the city councils of any two or more cities, such city councils may propose a merger plan subject to the First-Class City Merger Act.

(2) A merger plan shall include, but not be limited to, (a) the names of the cities which propose to merge, (b) the name under which the cities would merge, (c) the manner of financing and allocating all costs associated with the plan, (d) the property, real and personal, belonging to each city and the fair value thereof in current money of the United States, (e) the indebtedness, bonded and otherwise, of each city and the plan for repayment of the indebtedness after merger, (f) how the local ballot initiatives enacted in either city, if any, will be reconciled or terminated after merger, (g) if the cities have different forms of organization and government, the proposed form of organization and government of the merged city, (h) the redistricting of the newly merged city, including the number of wards and elected representatives from each ward, (i) the pay and perquisites of the mayor and city council, (j) the treatment of related city entities such as the housing authority, airport authority, or other city authority, and (k) any other terms of the agreement. A merger plan shall not be considered an interlocal cooperation agreement pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act.

(3) Each city council may appoint an advisory committee to assist the council in the preparation of the merger plan.

Cross References

  • Interlocal Cooperation Act, see section 13-801.