Nebraska Revised Statute 16-105

Chapter 16 Section 105


Wards; election precincts.

Precinct lines in any part of any county not under township organization, embraced within the corporate limits of a city of the first class, shall correspond with the ward lines of the city, and such precinct shall correspond in number with the ward of the city and be coextensive with the ward. When a ward is divided into election districts, the precinct corresponding with such ward shall be divided so as to correspond with the election districts.


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  • Provision to substitute municipal courts, in justice of peace districts, is unconstitutional. State ex rel. Woolsey v. Morgan, 138 Neb. 635, 294 N.W. 436 (1940).

  • Under prior act, county boards could exercise only such powers as were expressly conferred and could not include several wards of a city, with the land adjoining, in one precinct. Morton v. Carlin, 51 Neb. 202, 70 N.W. 966 (1897).

  • A decision in a former suit, prosecuted years after the bonds were sold, in which suit, neither the purchaser nor his privy were parties, deciding that the precinct issuing them was illegally organized, and that the bonds were void, is not controlling authority, in a suit to collect on such bonds, where the proper authorities at the time of the issuance, certified such bonds were legally issued. Clapp v. Otoe County, 104 F. 473 (8th Cir. 1900).