Nebraska Revised Statute 16-1018

Chapter 16 Section 1018


Termination of employment; transfer of benefits; when.

If a police officer terminates his or her employment for the purpose of becoming a police officer employed by another city of the first class in Nebraska and such new employment commences within one hundred twenty days of such termination, such police officer shall be entitled to transfer to the Police Officers Retirement System Fund of the city by which he or she is newly employed, the full amount of his or her employee account and the vested portion of the value of his or her employer account at the time of termination. The transferred funds shall be directly transferred to the police officer's employee account in the retirement system of the city to which transferred and administered by the retirement committee of the city to which transferred. Upon such transfer, the city and the retirement system shall have no further obligation to such police officer or his or her beneficiary. Following the commencement of new employment, the transferring police officer shall be deemed a new employee for all purposes of the retirement system of the city to which he or she transferred.


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