Nebraska Revised Statute 15-753

Chapter 15


Ornamental lighting districts; bids; letting; special assessment.

The city council of a city of the primary class shall have the power to create ornamental lighting districts for the purpose of acquiring and installing ornamental lights, including poles, fixtures, wiring, underground conduits, and all necessary equipment and accessories, in or along any street, streets, public grounds, or public way or ways, within the city. All such districts shall be known as ornamental lighting districts and shall be created by ordinance which shall designate the property within the district to be benefited. The city shall have the power to advertise for bids for the installation, construction, and equipment for such ornamental lights and to contract with the lowest responsible bidder therefor as authorized in its home rule charter. The cost of such ornamental lights may be, in whole or in part, assessed proportionately to the benefits on the property specially benefited, and the city council shall have the power and authority to fix the period of time for the payment of the special assessments and to issue bonds, as authorized by its home rule charter.