Nebraska Revised Statute 15-729

Chapter 15


Street railways; paving between tracks; duty.

All street railway companies in any city of the primary class shall be required to pave, repave or repair between and to one foot beyond their outer rails. In case any such railway uses more than one track in any street, it shall pave, repave or repair between tracks and to one foot beyond the outer rails where such company owns, at its own cost. Whenever any street shall be ordered paved or repaved by the mayor and council of the city, such paving or repaving shall be done at the same time and shall be of the same material and character as the paving or repaving of the street upon which such railway track is located, unless other material be specially ordered by the mayor and council of the city. Such street railway companies shall be required to keep that portion of the streets required by them to be paved, repaved or repaired, in repair, using for said purpose the same material as the streets upon which the track is laid at the point of repair, or such other material as the mayor and council may require and order upon streets in such city.


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  • The right to levy a special tax against a street railway company to pay the cost of paving along its track is valid and is not class legislation. City of Lincoln v. Lincoln St. Ry. Co., 67 Neb. 469, 93 N.W. 766 (1903); Lincoln Street Ry. Co. v. City of Lincoln, 61 Neb. 109, 84 N.W. 802 (1901).