Nebraska Revised Statute 15-726

Chapter 15


Special tax assessments; certificate; warrants.

When any special tax, except sidewalk tax, is levied, it shall be the duty of the city clerk to issue a certificate describing such lot or piece of ground by number and block, and stating the amount of special tax levied thereon and the purpose for which such tax was levied, and when the same shall become due and delinquent. He shall forthwith deliver a duplicate of such certificate to the city treasurer, who shall, without delay, give at least five days' notice through a newspaper published in the city, of the time when such tax will become delinquent. To every such certificate the clerk shall append a warrant in the usual form, requiring such city treasurer to collect such special tax or taxes by distress and sale of goods and chattels of the person, persons or bodies corporate owing any such special tax or taxes, if the same be not paid before the time fixed for the same to become delinquent. The city treasurer shall make his return of such warrants with a report of his doings thereunder on or before the fifteenth day of July next thereafter.


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