Nebraska Revised Statute 15-316

Chapter 15


City clerk; duties; deputy.

The city clerk shall have the custody of all laws and ordinances and shall keep a correct journal of the proceedings of the council; Provided, that after the period of time specified by the State Records Administrator pursuant to sections 84-1201 to 84-1220, the clerk may transfer such journal of the proceedings of the council to the State Archives of the Nebraska State Historical Society, for permanent preservation. He shall keep a correct record of all outstanding bonds against the city showing the number and amount of each, for what and to whom issued, when purchased, paid or canceled, and shall make an annual report showing particularly the bonds issued and sold during the year, and the terms of sale, with each item of expense thereof. He shall perform such other or further duties as may be required of him by ordinances of the city. He shall also make a monthly report to the council showing the amount appropriated to each fund, and the whole amount of funds drawn thereon, which report shall be spread at large upon the minutes. He may, if the council deem assistance necessary, appoint a deputy who shall give a bond in favor of the city the same as is required of the clerk himself.


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Cross References

  • Joint control of funds by principal and surety on bond, see section 11-130.