Nebraska Revised Statute 15-266

Chapter 15


Streets; lights; telephone lines; regulation.

The mayor and council shall have power to regulate and provide for the lighting of streets, laying down gas, water and other pipes, and the erection of lampposts, electric towers or other apparatus. They may regulate the sale and use of gas and electric lights and fix and determine the price of gas, the charge of electric lights and power, and the rents of gas meters within the city, and regulate the inspection thereof. They may regulate telephone service and the use of telephones within the city, prohibit or regulate the erection of telegraph, telephone or electric wire poles or other poles for whatsoever purpose desired or used in the public grounds, streets or alleys, and the placing of wires thereon, require the removal from the public grounds, streets or alleys of any or all such poles, and require the removal and placing under ground of any or all telegraph, telephone or electric wires.


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