Nebraska Revised Statute 15-255

Chapter 15


Public safety; measures to protect.

A city of the primary class may (1) prohibit riots, routs, noise, or disorderly assemblies, (2) prevent use of firearms, rockets, powder, fireworks, or other dangerous and combustible material, (3) prohibit carrying of concealed weapons, except the carrying of a concealed handgun in compliance with the Concealed Handgun Permit Act, (4) regulate and prevent the transportation of gunpowder or combustible articles, tar, pitch, resin, coal oil, benzine, turpentine, hemp, cotton, nitroglycerine, dynamite, petroleum or its products, or other explosives or inflammables, (5) regulate use of lights in stables, shops, or other places and building of bonfires, and (6) regulate and prohibit the piling of building material or any excavation or obstruction of the streets.


Cross References

  • Concealed Handgun Permit Act, see section 69-2427.