Nebraska Revised Statute 15-238

Chapter 15


Health regulations; sewer connections; power to compel.

A primary city shall have power by ordinance to regulate and prohibit cesspools and privy vaults in said city, and shall have power to require the owner or owners of any lot, lots or lands within said cities, upon which any building or buildings are located, to connect said building or buildings with a sewer, provide same with a suitable privy or watercloset, to connect said privy or watercloset with a sewer, and to require said owner or owners to keep all privy vaults and cesspools clean. Upon the refusal to connect with a sewer or failure of said owner or owners to provide a suitable watercloset or privy, or to make any sewer connection, or to remove any privy vault or cesspool, or to clean the same, after five days' notice by publication, or in place thereof, personal notice to so do, then said city, through its proper officers, shall have power to make any sewer connection, construct any watercloset or privy, regulate or remove any privy vault or cesspool, or clean the same, or cause the same to be done, and shall have the power to provide by ordinance for assessing the cost thereof by special assessment against the lot, lots or lands of said owner.


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