Nebraska Revised Statute 15-229.01

Chapter 15


Acquisition of land, property, or interest; uneconomic remnants of land; acquire, when.

In connection with the acquisition of lands, property, or interests therein for a public purpose, the city may acquire by any lawful means, except through condemnation, an entire lot, block, or tract of land or property if, by so doing, the interests of the public will be best served, even though the entire lot, block, or tract is not immediately needed for public purposes. Without limiting such authority, this may be done where uneconomic remnants of land would be left the original owner or owners or where severance or consequential damages to a remainder make the acquisition of the entire parcel more economical to the city; Provided, that when any such property is left without access to a street and the cost of acquisition of such landlocked property or land through condemnation would be more economical to the city than the cost of providing a means of reasonable ingress to or egress from the property or land, the city may acquire such landlocked property or land by condemnation.


  • Laws 1967, c. 56, § 2, p. 192.