Nebraska Revised Statute 15-1106

Chapter 15


Board of zoning appeals; powers; appeals; variances.

There may be created a board of zoning appeals comprised of five members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council, which board shall have power to hear and decide appeals from any decision or order of the building inspector or other officers charged with the enforcement of the zoning ordinance in those cases when it is alleged that such decision or order is in error. The board shall also have power to decide upon petitions for variances and, subject to such standards and procedures as the council may provide in the zoning ordinance, to vary the strict application of sign regulations or height, area, parking, or density requirements to the extent necessary to permit the owner a reasonable use of his or her land in those specific instances when there are peculiar, exceptional, and unusual circumstances in connection with a specific parcel of land, which circumstances are not generally found within the locality or neighborhood concerned. The board may also have such related duties as the mayor or council may assign. The council may provide for appeals from a decision of the board.


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