Nebraska Revised Statute 15-1103

Chapter 15


Planning director; prepare comprehensive plan; review by commission; city council; adopt or amend plan; notice to military installation.

The planning director shall be responsible for preparing the comprehensive plan and amendments and extensions thereto and for submitting such plans and modifications to the city planning commission for its consideration and action. The commission shall review such plans and modifications and those which the city council may suggest and, after holding at least one public hearing on each proposed action, shall provide its recommendations to the city council within a reasonable period of time. The city council shall review the recommendations of the planning commission and, after at least one public hearing on each proposed action, shall adopt or reject such plans as submitted, except that the city council may, by an affirmative vote of at least five members of the city council, adopt a plan or amendments to the proposed plan different from that recommended by the planning commission.

When the city is considering the adoption or amendment of a zoning ordinance or the approval of the platting or replatting of any development of real estate, the planning director shall notify any military installation which is located within the corporate boundary limits or the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction of the city if the city has received a written request for such notification from the military installation. The planning director shall deliver the notification to the military installation at least ten days prior to the meeting of the planning commission at which the proposal is to be considered.