Nebraska Revised Statute 15-1017

Chapter 15


Pension funds; investment; report.

(1) A city of the primary class which has a city pension and retirement plan or fund, or a city fire and police pension plan or fund, or both, may provide by ordinance as authorized by its home rule charter, and not prohibited by the Constitution of Nebraska, for the investment of any plan or fund, and such city may provide that (a) the city shall place in trust any part of such plan or fund, (b) the city shall place in trust any part of any such plan or fund with a corporate trustee in Nebraska, or (c) the city shall purchase any part of any such plan from a life insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Nebraska. The powers conferred by this section shall be independent of and in addition and supplemental to any other provisions of the laws of the State of Nebraska with reference to the matters covered hereby, and this section shall be considered as a complete and independent act and not as amendatory of or limited by any other provision of the laws of the State of Nebraska.

(2)(a) Beginning December 31, 2018, and each December 31 thereafter, for a defined benefit plan, the city clerk of a city of the primary class or his or her designee shall prepare and electronically file an annual report with the Auditor of Public Accounts and the Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee of the Legislature. If such retirement plan is a defined benefit plan which was open to new members on January 1, 2004, the report shall be in addition to the reports required by section 13-2402. The report shall be on a form prescribed by the Auditor of Public Accounts and shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

(i) The levels of benefits of participants in the plan, the number of members who are eligible for a benefit, the total present value of such members' benefits, and the funding sources which will pay for such benefits; and

(ii) A copy of a full actuarial analysis of each such defined benefit plan. The analysis shall be prepared by an independent private organization or public entity employing actuaries who are members in good standing of the American Academy of Actuaries, and which organization or entity has demonstrated expertise to perform this type of analysis and is unrelated to any organization which offers investment advice or provides investment management services to the retirement plan.

(b) The Auditor of Public Accounts may prepare a review of such report pursuant to section 84-304.02 but is not required to do so. If the city council does not submit a copy of the report to the Auditor of Public Accounts within six months after the end of the plan year, the Auditor of Public Accounts may audit, or cause to be audited, the city. All costs of the audit shall be paid by the city.