Nebraska Revised Statute 14-811

Chapter 14


Franchises; grant; modification; procedure; notice; election.

Any ordinance or resolution granting, extending, changing or modifying the terms and conditions of a franchise shall not be passed until at least four weeks shall have elapsed after its introduction or proposal, and not until such resolution or ordinance has been published daily for at least two weeks in the official newspaper of the city. It shall not become effective or binding until submitted to the electors and approved by a majority vote thereof. Submission to the electors shall be made as provided in section 14-202. A new franchise shall not hereafter be granted or any modification or extension of any existing franchise made unless an annuity or royalty be provided and reserved to the city to be based either upon a fixed reasonable amount per year or a fixed percentage of the earnings under the operation of the franchise so granted, and not then until the same has been submitted to a vote and approved by the electors at a general city election or special election called for that purpose.


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  • The power granted by section 18-2204 to the city to levy by ordinance an occupation tax upon community antenna television service is a special statute which takes precedence over the general provisions of this section requiring submission of a franchise annuity or royalty to the electorate. Hall v. Cox Cable of Omaha, Inc., 212 Neb. 887, 327 N.W.2d 595 (1982).

  • A lease-purchase agreement relating to financing of a waste disposal plant and authorized by section 14-365.05 is not a franchise that violates this section. Cosentino v. City of Omaha, 186 Neb. 407, 183 N.W.2d 475 (1971).

  • Defendant's use of streets in supplying steam and chilled water for purposes of heating and air conditioning did not require granting of franchise. Dunmar Inv. Co. v. Northern Nat. Gas Co., 185 Neb. 400, 176 N.W.2d 4 (1970).

  • State Railway Commission may regulate operation of taxicab company in Omaha. In re Yellow Cab & Baggage Co., 126 Neb. 138, 253 N.W. 80 (1934).

  • A permit to operate auto buses on streets of a city is not a franchise, and need not be submitted to a vote of the people. Omaha & Council Bluffs St. Ry. Co. v. City of Omaha, 114 Neb. 483, 208 N.W. 123 (1926).

  • Taxpayer cannot maintain suit to enjoin city from granting franchise to telephone company unless taxation will be increased thereby. Clark v. Interstate Independent Telephone Co., 72 Neb. 883, 101 N.W. 977 (1904).

  • Ordinance extending time for purchase of plant of water company is an extension of a franchise and must be submitted to popular vote. Poppleton v. Moores, 62 Neb. 851, 88 N.W. 128 (1901), affirmed on rehearing, 67 Neb. 388, 93 N.W. 747 (1903).

  • Ordinance or resolutions for building sidewalks should be published. Ives v. Irey, 51 Neb. 136, 70 N.W. 961 (1897).