Nebraska Revised Statute 14-709

Chapter 14


Authorized arson investigator; classified as a peace officer; when; powers.

Any person who is a sworn member of an organized and paid fire department of any city of the metropolitan class and who is an authorized arson investigator for such city in order to determine the cause, origin, and circumstances of fires shall be classified as a peace officer while on duty and in the course of any such investigation. Such person shall possess the same powers of arrest, search, and seizure and the securing and service of warrants as police officers of such city.

While on duty and in the course of any such investigation, such person may carry such weapons as may be necessary but only if that person has satisfactorily completed a training program offered or approved by the Nebraska Police Standards Advisory Council or equivalent training offered by such city and certified by the council. Such training need not include exposure to vehicle and traffic law, traffic control and accident investigation, or first aid.

Such person shall in addition have been an active member of an organized fire department for a minimum of six years and shall meet the minimum qualifications and training standards established by the city for all firefighters.

Any person granted the powers enumerated in this section may exercise such powers only while on duty and during the course of investigating the cause, origin, and circumstances of a fire.


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