Nebraska Revised Statute 14-566

Chapter 14


Printing; official newspaper; how designated; failure to print notice.

At the beginning of the term of each council, the purchasing agent shall advertise for three days in each daily newspaper of general circulation in the city for proposals for publishing in some daily newspaper, published in the English language and otherwise meeting the requirements of a legal newspaper fixed by state law, all public advertisements, notices, ordinances, resolutions, council proceedings, and all other matter published by the city. In addition to considering the rate bid for printing, the purchasing agent may give weight to the character of circulation, quality of printing, plant, delivery service, and responsibility of the bidders in determining the lowest and best bid. He may also consider the advantage of the same plant's combining publication of ordinances and providing an ordinance publishing service to subscribers. The purchasing agent shall notify the city clerk of his selection of the official newspaper, which shall continue as such throughout the term of the council. The council may order additional publication of any of its proceedings in any other qualified newspaper or publication. If at any time, the designated official newspaper ceases regular publication or is not giving service satisfactory to the council, the purchasing agent shall recommend another qualified newspaper to the council and, upon approval of the council, it shall become the official newspaper. In case of refusal or neglect of the official newspaper to publish any required notice, the city clerk shall post it in a conspicuous place in the city hall, and he shall keep a written record of such posting witnessed by two persons. The record of such posting shall be evidence that the same was done as required and shall be sufficient to fulfill the requirement of publication. The city shall not be without an official newspaper more than thirty days at a time.


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  • Effect of posting notice raised but not decided. Chicago & N.W. Ry. Co. v. City of Omaha, 156 Neb. 705, 57 N.W.2d 753 (1953).