Nebraska Revised Statute 14-564

Chapter 14


City supplies; advertisement for bids; sheltered workshop; negotiation; contracts.

(1) During the month of December of each year, the city council of a city of the metropolitan class shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, a list of all supplies required for each office and department or board of the city for the ensuing year. Such list shall designate clearly the quantity and quality of the articles required, but shall not specify the particular product of any manufacturer.

(2)(a) The city council may negotiate directly with a sheltered workshop for such supplies pursuant to section 48-1503.

(b) If the city council does not negotiate with a sheltered workshop, the city clerk shall advertise for bids on the articles in such list for at least three successive days in the official newspaper. Such advertisement shall state, in substance, that at a certain stated regular meeting of the city council, bids will be received and opened for all such supplies, and it shall be sufficient in such advertisement to describe the articles in a general way and refer to such list as being on file in the office of the city clerk. Such bids shall be received at the first regular meeting of the city council held after such advertisement has been completed, and awards shall be made at the next regular meeting thereafter. Bidders shall not be required to bid on all items included in such estimates, nor upon all items in one class. The city council may accept the lowest and best bid on any item or items and may reject any and all bids.

(3) Other or additional supplies not exceeding the value of one hundred dollars for any officer or board may be purchased on the request of the mayor and city comptroller.


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  • Operative Date: July 21, 2022


  • Fiscal year for city of metropolitan class begins on January 1, and ends on December 31 of each year. Johnson v. Leidy, 86 Neb. 818, 126 N.W. 514 (1910).

  • City is liable for reasonable value of benefits received and retained under a contract which it was authorized to make, but which was void because irregularly executed. Cathers v. Moores, 78 Neb. 13, 110 N.W. 689 (1907).