Nebraska Revised Statute 14-557

Chapter 14


Taxes and assessments; lien upon real estate.

All general municipal taxes upon real estate shall be a first lien upon the real estate upon which it is levied and take priority over all other encumbrances and liens thereon. All special assessments regularly levied shall be a perpetual lien on the real estate assessed from the date of levy until paid irrespective of the county in which such real estate is situated, but shall be subject to all general taxes. The lien of all general municipal taxes levied on personal and real property shall be governed by the general revenue laws of this state.


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  • A "perpetual lien" is not intended to continue delinquent taxes in force against real estate after a statute has barred a right of action. Rather, the word "perpetual" means that the lien conferred by the statute is fixed upon the land itself and is primary, overriding all other liens, since a sale thereunder if duly made would extinguish all other claims. Real estate can still be discharged from a perpetual lien by payment, sale for taxes, or the neglect of the purchaser to foreclose the lien until after the statute of limitations has run. INA Group v. Young, 271 Neb. 956, 716 N.W.2d 733 (2006).

  • Levy of city and school district taxes in city of metropolitan class computed on actual valuation and assessment as returned by county assessor and as equalized for preceding year. Chicago & N.W. Ry. Co. v. Bauman, 132 Neb. 67, 271 N.W. 256 (1937).

  • Party buying land subject to lien for special taxes cannot ask to have such taxes set aside as invalid. Eddy v. City of Omaha, 72 Neb. 550, 101 N.W. 25 (1904), modified on rehearing 72 Neb. 559, 102 N.W. 70 (1905), modified on rehearing, 72 Neb. 561, 103 N.W. 692 (1905).

  • A special assessment against realty creates no personal liability; it is optional with owner whether he will pay assessment or allow land to be sold for it. City of Omaha v. State ex rel. Metzger, 69 Neb. 29, 94 N.W. 979 (1903).

  • Taxes are a perpetual lien upon real estate superior to all others until paid. Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. v. Siefken, 1 Neb. Unof. 860, 96 N.W. 603 (1901).