Nebraska Revised Statute 14-501

Chapter 14


Statutory funds; appropriation; limitation.

The city council shall annually or biennially and within the first week of January, if possible, appropriate money and credits of the city in such amounts as may be deemed necessary and proper and set the same aside to the following designated funds to be known as statutory funds: (1) For the fire department of the city, (2) for the police department of the city, (3) for the health department of the city, (4) for the public library, (5) for the purposes of the welfare board, and (6) for the purpose of paying judgments and costs. The amounts so appropriated and set aside to such funds respectively shall be the maximum amounts that may be appropriated to or expended from such funds within the fiscal year or biennial period for the purposes for which such funds respectively are created.


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  • Levy of city and school district taxes within metropolitan city is computed on actual valuation and assessment as returned by county assessor and as equalized for preceding year. Chicago & N. W. Ry. Co. v. Bauman, 132 Neb. 67, 271 N.W. 256 (1937).