Nebraska Revised Statute 14-405

Chapter 14


Building zones; boundaries; regulations; change or repeal; protest.

Regulations, restrictions, and boundaries adopted pursuant to sections 14-401 to 14-418 may from time to time be amended, supplemented, changed, modified, or repealed. When a protest against a change of boundaries is presented to the city clerk at least six days prior to the city council vote on such change and such change is not in accordance with the comprehensive development plan, such change shall not become effective except by a favorable vote of five-sevenths of all members of the city council. Such protest shall be in writing, signed, and sworn and acknowledged pursuant to section 64-206 by the required owners. For purposes of this section, the required owners means those fee simple owners of record as recorded by the county register of deeds owning at least twenty percent of the area: (1) Included in the proposed change; (2) abutting either side of the proposed change; (3) abutting the rear of the proposed change; (4) abutting the front of the proposed change; or (5) directly opposite of the proposed change on the other side of a dedicated public right-of-way and extending fifty feet on either side of such opposite lot.