Nebraska Revised Statute 14-372

Chapter 14


Utilities; acquisition by eminent domain; funds; title.

Whenever property is acquired for the purpose of constructing or enlarging waterworks, gas plants, or other municipal utility purposes or enterprises authorized by this act, the same shall be paid for from such funds as may be provided for any such purposes. The title thereto shall be lodged in the city after the condemnation proceedings have been completed and the amount awarded has been paid by the city.


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Cross References

  • "This act", defined, see section 14-101.


  • Owner whose land is condemned is not required to look to the fund sought to be raised by special assessment for payment of his damages. City of Omaha v. State ex rel. Metzger, 69 Neb. 29, 94 N.W. 979 (1903).

  • Judgment against city for value of land vests title to land in city. City of Omaha v. Redick, 61 Neb. 163, 85 N.W. 46 (1901).

  • Right of landowner to condemnation money accrues immediately upon termination of condemnation proceedings and taking possession of land by city. Spalding v. City of Omaha, 4 Neb. Unof. 447, 94 N.W. 714 (1903).