Nebraska Revised Statute 14-363

Chapter 14


Street sprinkling or armor-coating districts; creation; contracts; bids; special assessments; collection.

The city council of a city of the metropolitan class may provide for the sprinkling or armor coating of the streets of the city and, for the purpose of accomplishing such work, may by ordinance create suitable districts to be designated sprinkling or armor-coating districts and may order and direct the work, including preparatory grading, to be done upon any or all of the streets in such districts. The work shall be done upon contract in writing let upon advertisement to the lowest responsible bidder. Such advertisement shall specify the district or districts proposed to be so worked, specifically describing such district or districts, and bids shall be made and contracts let with reference to such district or districts so specified. For the purpose of paying the cost of the work contemplated and contracted for, the city council may levy and assess the cost upon all lots, lands, and real estate in such district, such tax or assessment to be equal and uniform upon all front footage or property within or abutting upon the streets within the district so created. The assessment shall be a lien upon all such lots, lands, and real estate and shall be enforced and collected as a special assessment.