Nebraska Revised Statute 14-3,121

Chapter 14


Improvements; petition; protest; procedure; supplemental petition; hearing; appeal.

(1) The property owners in any improvement district shall have thirty days from the first day of publication of the petition and notice as provided in section 14-3,120 to file with the city a protest against the regularity, legality, or sufficiency of the petition or any signature on such petition. Such protest shall be verified by the party making the protest, who shall state under oath and set forth with particularity all the alleged defects in the petition, and if the protest relates to the ownership of any property, it shall give the name and address of the true owner of such property and shall state under oath that such protest is made in good faith.

(2) At any time within ten days after the expiration of the time for filing the protest, supplemental petitions for the improvement may be filed and when so filed shall be considered as a part of the original petition. The property owners within such district shall have ten days from the date of the filing of such supplemental petitions in which to file a protest against the regularity, legality, or sufficiency of any of the signatures on such supplemental petition or against the original petition as so supplemented. No further notice of the filing of such supplemental petition shall be required and such supplemental petition need not be published.

(3) When any such protest has been filed with the city within the times specified, the improvement petitioned for shall not be ordered until the city shall have given the party protesting a hearing upon such protest and shall have, upon the evidence, found, adjudged, and determined the petition to be regular, legal, and sufficient and not then until after the time has expired for perfecting an appeal from such finding, judgment, and determination. Any protesting party or parties may appeal from such finding, judgment, and determination in the manner provided by section 14-813.