Nebraska Revised Statute 14-2153

Chapter 14


Utilities district; restriction on sale of equipment or appliances.

A metropolitan utilities district shall not sell any gas-burning equipment or appliances, at either retail or wholesale, if the retail price of that item exceeds fifty dollars, except that newly developed gas-burning appliances may be merchandised and sold during the period of time in which any such appliances are being introduced to the public. New models of existing appliances shall not be deemed to be newly developed appliances. A gas-burning appliance shall be considered to be in such introductory period of time until the particular type of appliance is used by twenty-five percent of all the gas customers served by such district, but such period shall in no event exceed seven years from the date of introduction by the manufacturer of the new appliance to the local market.


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  • Name of existing district was derived from this section. Erickson v. Metropolitan Utilities Dist., 171 Neb. 654, 107 N.W.2d 324 (1961).

  • Metropolitan utilities district is a municipal corporation created by statute to take over, control and operate the water plant formerly owned by the city of Omaha and certain other public utilities. Keystone Investment Company v. Metropolitan Utilities District, 113 Neb. 132, 202 N.W. 416 (1925), 37 A.L.R. 1507 (1925).

  • Metropolitan utilities district is a corporation, and as such, it succeeded to the rights, powers and duties of the water board and the metropolitan water district. State ex rel. Metropolitan Utilities District v. City of Omaha, 112 Neb. 694, 200 N.W. 871 (1924), 46 A.L.R. 602 (1924).

  • In 1921, metropolitan utilities district became the successor of the metropolitan water district and has all the powers and authority conferred upon the district as fully and effectually as though the corporate name had not been changed. Metropolitan Utilities District v. City of Omaha, 112 Neb. 93, 198 N.W. 858 (1924).