Nebraska Revised Statute 14-2147

Chapter 14


Utilities district; annual audit; reports; filing; expenses.

Upon the completion of such examination and audit, the person making the same shall file and furnish to the village or city clerk of each village or city within the district one copy of his or her report. Another copy shall be furnished to the county board of the counties in which the metropolitan utilities district is located. A copy shall also be placed on file with the individual appointed in section 14-2109. The original copy shall be filed in the office of the Auditor of Public Accounts. The cost and expense of making such audit shall be paid by the metropolitan utilities district in which such audit and examination have been made. The auditor shall make out and certify a bill for the expense of making such an audit. Upon presentation of the bill to the secretary of the board of the metropolitan utilities district, it shall be the duty of the board to allow and pay the claim. The amount thereof shall be paid to the State Treasurer.


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