Nebraska Revised Statute 14-2125

Chapter 14


Utilities district; utilization of gas or propane supplies; pipeline for transportation of gas; agreements; purpose.

(1) A metropolitan utilities district may enter into agreements with other companies or municipalities operating gas distribution systems and with gas pipeline companies, whether within or outside the state, for the transportation, purchase, sale, or exchange of available gas supplies or propane supplies held for peak-shaving purposes, so as to realize full utilization of available gas supplies and for the mutual benefit of the contracting parties.

(2) A metropolitan utilities district may own, construct, maintain, and operate an interstate or intrastate pipeline, whether within or outside of the district's boundaries, for purposes of securing and transporting natural gas supplies for itself or others and may enter into contractual agreements with other pipeline companies, gas distribution companies, municipalities, or political subdivisions or any other legal entity whatsoever for such purposes.


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  • Based on the plain language of this section, there is no legal requirement to seek competitive bids before entering into a contract for interstate transmission of natural gas. Bruno v. Metropolitan Utilities Dist., 287 Neb. 551, 844 N.W.2d 50 (2014).