Nebraska Revised Statute 14-2120

Chapter 14


Board of directors; franchise; power to grant; election required.

No franchise or permit for the use of streets, alleys, or other public property within the metropolitan utilities district for the laying of pipes in connection with a water or natural gas utility designed for public or private service shall be granted except by the board of directors, but no such franchise or permit shall be valid until approved by a majority vote of the registered voters of the metropolitan utilities district at a regular election, or a special election called for such purpose, and of which due notice is given in the case of the submission of a proposal to vote bonds. If the board of directors refuses upon request to grant and submit to a vote of the registered voters of the district such a franchise or permit, then upon the filing of a petition with the board of ten percent or more of the registered voters of the district requesting that the franchise or permit be submitted, it shall be the duty of the board to submit such proposition at a general election or a special election held for that purpose within sixty days of the date of filing the petition, and if a majority of the votes cast upon such proposition are in favor of granting such franchise or permit, the franchise or permit shall be deemed to be granted.


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  • Defendant's use of streets in supplying steam and chilled water for purposes of heating and air conditioning did not require granting of franchise. Dunmar Inv. Co. v. Northern Nat. Gas Co., 185 Neb. 400, 176 N.W.2d 4 (1970).