Nebraska Revised Statute 14-205

Chapter 14


City council; primary election; ballot; form.

Notwithstanding any more general law respecting primary elections in force in this state, the official ballot to be prepared and used at the primary election under section 14-204 shall be in substantially the form provided in this section. The names of all candidates shall be placed upon the ballot without any party designation.

Candidate for Nomination for City Council Member from City Council District No. .............., of the City of ..............., at the Primary Election

Vote for only one:


(Names of candidates)

In all other respects the general character of the ballot to be used shall be the same as authorized by the Election Act.

In printing, the names shall not be arranged alphabetically but shall be rotated according to the following plan: The form shall be set up by the printer, with the names in the order in which they are placed upon the sample ballot prepared by the officer authorized to conduct the general city election. In printing the ballots for the various election districts or precincts, the position of the names shall be changed for each election district, and in making the change of position the printer shall take the line of type containing the name at the head of the form and place it at the bottom, shoving up the column so that the name that was second before the change shall be the first after the change. The primary election shall be conducted pursuant to the Election Act except as provided in section 14-204 and unless otherwise provided in the home rule charter or city code.


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  • Operative Date: July 21, 2022

Cross References

  • Election Act, see section 32-101.