Nebraska Revised Statute 14-1822

Chapter 14


Metropolitan transit authority; transportation system; operation; rates and fares; adequate revenue.

The board shall make all rules and regulations, according to its discretion, governing the operation of the transportation system, and shall determine all routings and change the same whenever deemed advisable by the board. The board shall fix rates, fares, and charges for transportation, except that such revenue, together with revenue made available through taxation and revenue from any grants or loans received as provided in the Transit Authority Law, shall be at all times sufficient in the aggregate to provide revenue: (1) For the payment of the interest on and principal of all revenue bonds or certificates and equipment trust notes or certificates and other obligations of the authority, and to meet all other charges upon such revenue as provided by any trust agreement executed by the authority in connection with the issuance of revenue bonds or certificates under the Transit Authority Law; (2) for the payment of all operating costs of whatsoever character incidental to the operation of the transportation system; and (3) for the payment of any other costs and charges for the acquisition, installation, replacement, or reconstruction of equipment, structures, or rights-of-way not financed through issuance of revenue bonds or certificates.


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  • The jurisdiction and powers herein given a transit authority is for local control and does not affect the general control vested in the Public Service Commission by the Constitution. Ritums v. Howell, 190 Neb. 503, 209 N.W.2d 160 (1973).