Nebraska Revised Statute 14-1733

Chapter 14


Offstreet parking; cost; revenue bonds; parking district assessments; gifts, leases, devises, grants, funds, agreements; conditions; procedure.

(1) In order to pay the cost required by any purchase, construction, or lease of property and equipping of offstreet parking facilities under sections 14-1731 to 14-1740, or the enlargement of presently owned facilities, a city of the metropolitan class may:

(a) Issue revenue bonds to provide the funds for such improvements. Such revenue bonds shall be a lien only upon the revenue and earnings of parking facilities and onstreet parking meters. Such revenue bonds shall mature in no more than forty years and shall be sold at public or private sale. Any such revenue bonds which may be issued shall not be included in computing the maximum amount of bonds which the issuing city of the metropolitan class may be authorized to issue under its home rule charter or any statute of this state. Such revenue bonds may be issued and sold or delivered to the contractor at par and accrued interest for the amount of work performed. The city may pledge the revenue from any facility or parking meters as security for the bonds;

(b) Upon an initiative petition of the majority of the record owners of taxable property included in a proposed parking district, create, by ordinance, parking districts and delineate the boundaries of such parking districts. If the city council finds that there are common benefits enjoyed by the public at large without reference to the ownership of property, or that there is a common benefit to the property encompassed within a parking district or districts, the city may assess the costs of such improvement or improvements as special assessments against all the property included in such district or districts, according to such rules as the city council, sitting as a board of equalization, shall adopt for the distribution or adjustment of the costs of such improvement or improvements. All such special assessments shall be equalized, levied, and collected as special assessments. Special assessments levied pursuant to this section shall be due, payable, and bear interest as the city council shall determine by ordinance. Installment payments shall not be allowed for any period in excess of twenty years; or

(c) Use, independently or together with revenue derived pursuant to subdivision (1)(a) or (b) of this section, gifts, leases, devises, grants, federal or state funds, or agreements with other public entities.

(2) No real property shall be included in any parking district created pursuant to this section when the zoning district in which such property is located is a residential zoning district or a district where the predominant type of land use authorized is residential in nature.