Nebraska Revised Statute 14-1709

Chapter 14


Parking authority; facilities; construction and maintenance; duties; city and county cooperate.

The authority shall construct and maintain facilities at the location acquired under section 14-1708, with all necessary entrances, exits, air vents, and other appurtenances required for efficient facilities. In constructing and maintaining the facilities, the surface above such facilities shall not be disturbed more than shall be necessary. Any portion of such location not required by the facilities shall, on completion of the facilities, be restored to a good usable condition. If it is necessary to relocate or do other work to protect any sewer line or utility, the authority shall do the necessary work or bear the expense of such relocation or other work and the authority shall reimburse the county and city for any expense or liability incurred as a result of the construction or maintenance of the facilities. The authority shall also protect the owners of private property abutting the facility against loss of lateral support for improvements erected on their property at the time of the construction of the facilities or reimburse such owners for expenses incurred as a result of the removal of such support, but neither the state, county, city, nor authority shall be otherwise liable to such owners. The county and city shall cooperate with the authority and make available to the authority without cost any information such county or city has that would be useful to the authority in the construction of the facilities. The authority shall not construct any private entrances or grant the right to others to construct private entrances to its facilities.