Nebraska Revised Statute 14-122

Chapter 14


Annexed or merged city or village; licenses; extension for remainder of license year; city of the metropolitan class; powers.

Where, at the time of any such annexation or merger, the municipal license year, for any kind of license, of any city or village so consolidated with the metropolitan city extends beyond or overlaps the municipal license year of the metropolitan city, then the proper authorities of the metropolitan city are hereby authorized to issue to the lawful holder of any yearly license issued by any such city or village annexed or merged with the metropolitan city, or to any new applicants applying for license to continue the business at the place covered by such expiring city or village license, a new license under such conditions as may be provided in the laws or ordinances governing the metropolitan city for the remainder of the metropolitan city license year, extending from the expiration of such city or village license up to the end of the metropolitan city license year, and charging and collecting therefor only such portion of the yearly amount fixed for any such license by the laws or ordinances governing the metropolitan city as will represent proportionately the time for which the new license shall be granted.


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