Nebraska Revised Statute 14-1219

Chapter 14


Revenue bonds; form; denominations; place of payment; powers of city.

The governing body of the city shall provide the form of such bonds including coupons to be attached thereto to evidence interest payments, which bonds shall be signed by the mayor and countersigned and registered by the city comptroller, under the city's seal, and which coupons shall bear the facsimile signature of said mayor and the city clerk, and shall fix the denomination or denominations of such bonds and the place or places of payment of the principal and interest thereof which may be at the office of the city treasurer, or any bank or trust company in the State of Nebraska or in the city of New York, State of New York. All bonds authorized by sections 14-1215 to 14-1217 and 14-1223 shall be and shall have and are hereby declared to have all the qualities and incidents of negotiable instruments under the Uniform Commercial Code of the state without, however, constituting the revenue bonds herein authorized an indebtedness of the city issuing the same. The governing body of the city may provide for the registration of such bonds in the name of the owner as to the principal alone or as to both principal and interest.


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