Nebraska Revised Statute 14-118

Chapter 14


Annexation or merger of city or village; rights and liabilities; rights of franchise holders and licensees.

Whenever any city of the metropolitan class shall extend its boundaries so as to annex or merge with it any city or village, the laws, ordinances, powers, and government of such metropolitan city shall extend over the territory embraced within such city or village so annexed or merged with the metropolitan city from and after the date of annexation. The date of annexation or merger shall be set forth in the ordinance providing for the same, and after said date the metropolitan city shall succeed to all the property and property rights of every kind, contracts, obligations, and choses in action of every kind held by or belonging to the city or village annexed or merged with it, and the metropolitan city shall be liable for and recognize, assume, and carry out all valid contracts, obligations and licenses of any city or village so annexed or merged with the metropolitan city. Any city or village so merged or annexed with the metropolitan city shall be deemed fully compensated by virtue of such annexation or merger and assumption of its obligations and contracts, for all its properties and property rights of every kind acquired as aforesaid by the metropolitan city; Provided, however, that any public franchise, license or privilege granted to or held by any person or corporation from any of the cities or villages annexed or merged with any metropolitan city, before such annexation or merger, shall not by virtue of such annexation or merger be extended into, upon or over the streets, alleys or public places of the metropolitan city involved in such consolidation and merger.


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  • Property and obligations of airport authority belonging to annexed city become property and obligation of annexing city. Airport Authority of City of Millard v. City of Omaha, 185 Neb. 623, 177 N.W.2d 603 (1970).

  • Consolidated city is required to perform all valid, unperformed, subsisting contracts made by city of South Omaha. State ex rel. Parks Co. v. Dahlman, 100 Neb. 416, 160 N.W. 117 (1916).