Nebraska Revised Statute 14-104

Chapter 14


City council; powers; bridges; construction; licensing and regulation of toll bridges; jurisdiction.

The council shall have power to construct any bridge declared by ordinance necessary and proper for the passage of railway trains, street cars, motor trains, teams and pedestrians across any stream either adjacent to or wholly within any city of the metropolitan class at any point on such stream or within two miles from the corporate limits of such city, with such conditions and regulations concerning the use of such bridge as may be deemed proper. It shall have power to license and regulate the keeping of toll bridges within or terminating within the city for the passage of persons, teams, and property over any river passing wholly or in part within or running by and adjoining the corporate limits of any such city, to fix and determine the rates of toll over any such bridge, or over the part thereof within the city; and to authorize the owner or owners of any such bridge to charge and collect the rates of toll so fixed and determined, from all persons passing over or using the same.


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