Nebraska Revised Statute 13-322

Chapter 13


Submission of question to voters; ballot language; procedure.

The powers granted by section 13-319 shall not be exercised unless and until the question has been submitted at a primary, general, or special election held within the area which would be subject to the tax and in which all registered voters are entitled to vote on such question. The officials of the incorporated municipality or county shall order the submission of the question by submitting a certified copy of the resolution proposing the tax to the election commissioner or county clerk. The question may include any terms and conditions set forth in the resolution proposing the tax, such as a termination date or the specific public safety service for which the revenue received from the tax will be allocated, and shall include the following language: Shall the county impose a sales and use tax upon the same transactions within the county, other than in municipalities which impose a local option sales tax, on which the State of Nebraska is authorized to impose a tax to finance public safety services? If a majority of the votes cast upon the question are in favor of the tax, the governing body may impose the tax. If a majority of those voting on the question are opposed to the tax, the governing body shall not impose the tax. Any election under this section shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures provided in the Election Act.


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Cross References

  • Election Act, see section 32-101.