Nebraska Revised Statute 13-2814

Chapter 13


Sales and use tax; administration.

(1) The Tax Commissioner shall administer all sales and use taxes adopted under section 13-2813. The Tax Commissioner may prescribe forms and adopt and promulgate rules and regulations in conformity with the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, as amended, for the making of returns and for the ascertainment, assessment, and collection of taxes. The council shall furnish a certified copy of the adopting or repealing resolution to the Tax Commissioner in accordance with such rules and regulations. The tax shall begin the first day of the next calendar quarter following receipt by the Tax Commissioner of the certified copy of the adopted resolution if the certified copy of the adopted resolution is received sixty days prior to the start of the next calendar quarter.

(2) For resolutions containing a termination date, the termination date is the first day of a calendar quarter. The council shall furnish a certified statement to the Tax Commissioner no more than one hundred twenty days and at least sixty days before the termination date stating that the termination date in the resolution is still valid. If the certified statement is not furnished within the prescribed time, the tax shall remain in effect and the Tax Commissioner shall continue to collect the tax until the first day of the calendar quarter which is at least sixty days after receipt of the certified statement notwithstanding the termination date stated in the resolution.

(3) The Tax Commissioner shall collect the sales and use tax concurrently with collection of a state tax in the same manner as the state tax is collected. The Tax Commissioner shall remit monthly the proceeds of the tax to the municipal county imposing the tax, after deducting the amount of refunds made and three percent of the remainder as an administrative fee necessary to defray the cost of collecting the tax and the expenses incident thereto. The Tax Commissioner shall keep full and accurate records of all money received and distributed. All receipts from the three percent administrative fee shall be deposited in the Municipal Equalization Fund.

(4) Upon any claim of illegal assessment and collection, the taxpayer has the same remedies as provided for claims of illegal assessment and collection of the state tax. It is the intention of the Legislature that the provisions of law which apply to the recovery of state taxes illegally assessed and collected apply to the recovery of sales and use taxes illegally assessed and collected under section 13-2813.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967, see section 77-2701.