Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1705

Chapter 13


Request for siting approval; filing requirements; comments.

An applicant shall file a copy of its request for siting approval with the city council, village board of trustees, or county board of commissioners or supervisors of the city, village, or county in which the proposed site is located. The request shall include the substance of the applicant's proposal and all documents, if any, submitted as of that date to the department pertaining to the proposed solid waste disposal area or solid waste processing facility. All documents or other materials pertaining to the proposed area or facility on file with the city council, village board, or county board shall be made available for public inspection at the office of the city council, village board, or county board and may be copied upon payment of a fee in an amount equal to the actual cost of reproduction.

Any person may file written comment with the city council, village board, or county board concerning the appropriateness of the proposed site for its intended purpose. Such comment shall be postmarked not later than thirty days after the date of the last public hearing held pursuant to section 13-1706 and shall be included in the record of the public hearing.


  • Laws 1991, LB 813, § 5.