Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1625

Chapter 13


Civil action to require compliance; attorney's fees; when.

(1) A covered employee or covered dependent may bring a civil action against a plan sponsor to require compliance with the Political Subdivisions Self-Funding Benefits Act and the self-funded portion of an employee benefit plan. When the covered employee or covered dependent brings an action against a plan sponsor, the court, upon rendering judgment against the plan sponsor, shall allow the plaintiff a reasonable sum as an attorney's fee in addition to the amount of his or her recovery, to be taxed as part of the costs. If such action is appealed, the appellate court shall allow a reasonable sum as an attorney's fee for the appeal if the plaintiff is successful.

(2) If the plaintiff fails to obtain judgment for more than may have been offered by such plan sponsor in accordance with section 25-901, the plaintiff shall not recover the attorney's fees provided in this section.


  • Laws 1991, LB 167, § 25.