Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1411

Chapter 13


Tolls, fees, and other charges; conditions; procedure for adoption.

The dock board shall have the power to fix and regulate and from time to time to alter the tolls, fees, and other charges for all facilities under its management and control and for the use thereof, which charges shall be collectible by the board and shall be reasonable and with the view of defraying the capital expenditures, interest charges, maintenance and operating expenses, and indebtedness of the board in constructing and operating the improvements and works herein authorized. The charges shall be adopted by resolution and shall be recorded in the board's book of rules and regulations. A schedule of such charges shall be enacted by the board, and a certified copy thereof shall be transmitted to the county clerk or clerk of the municipality, as the case may be, in like manner as other rules and regulations of the board, and the clerk shall forthwith cause the same to be published in the same manner as other rules and regulations of the board, and such charges shall be in force and effect from and after the date of publication.


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