Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1402

Chapter 13


City or village not more than ten miles from Missouri River; board; authorized; powers; duties.

The governing body of any incorporated city or village in the State of Nebraska, the nearest boundary of which city or village is not more than ten miles from the Nebraska bank of the Missouri River, may, and is hereby authorized and empowered, when in its judgment it is deemed expedient, to establish a board of public docks to be known as Dock Board of .......... (here insert name of municipality establishing such board), which shall be a body corporate and politic and possess all the usual powers of a corporation for public purposes, and in its name may sue and be sued, purchase, hold, and sell personal property and real estate, and shall have all powers, authority and duties now granted under the laws of Nebraska for the establishment of such boards of public docks by incorporated cities or villages in the State of Nebraska whose boundaries abut upon the Nebraska bank of the Missouri River.


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