Nebraska Revised Statute 12-615

Chapter 12


Trustees of perpetual care trust fund; appointment; bond.

The trustee or trustees of the perpetual care trust fund shall consist of:

(1) At least three disinterested persons, who have been residents of the county in which the mausoleum or columbarium is located for a period of at least one year prior to their appointment; or

(2) A disinterested trust company organized to do business in and located in the State of Nebraska. The trustee or trustees, as the case may be, shall be selected by the officers of the cemetery association. If individual trustees are selected, they shall give a corporate surety bond, in the sum of not less than the total amount of the perpetual care trust fund, conditioned for the safekeeping of such funds.


  • Laws 1957, c. 18, § 10, p. 148.