Nebraska Revised Statute 12-604

Chapter 12


Bonds and other evidences of indebtedness; acquisition of property; contracts with members; powers; limitations.

The association is empowered to issue bonds and other evidences of indebtedness, to an amount, including all indebtedness of whatever nature, not exceeding ninety percent of the taxable value of the real property of the association and improvements thereon or to be placed thereon from the proceeds thereof, not including the parts sold to individual owners, and to pledge the unsold crypts, rights, or lots and the future receipts of the association, such obligations to be paid out of the future receipts of the association. Real property, money, and other personalty received by the association as trustees may also be received for the purpose of providing crypts, lots, and monuments as may thereafter be selected and as provided in the bylaws. The association shall have the power to enter into contracts with its members or other persons for providing burial lots, monuments, crypts, tombs, vaults, niches, and other places for the disposal of the dead or for the embellishment or perpetual care thereof and for the payment of burial expenses.


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  • Future receipts from sales of crypts, rights, or lots may be used to satisfy mortgage. Omaha Nat. Bank v. West Lawn Mausoleum Assn., 158 Neb. 412, 63 N.W.2d 504 (1954).