Nebraska Revised Statute 12-601

Chapter 12


Formation; trustees; election; notice; terms; officers.

It shall be lawful for any number of persons not less than five, who are residents of the State of Nebraska, to form themselves into a mausoleum association, and to elect not less than three nor more than five trustees, who shall conduct the business of the association, except as may be directed by a majority of all the members of the association, at a meeting called by personal notice through the mail, where addresses of members are known, and by publication, or both, when addresses are in part unknown, at least fifteen days prior to said meeting. Said trustees shall be elected at a meeting of the members called as above provided, for a term to be fixed by the bylaws, and shall require a plurality vote of all members present. The trustees shall immediately thereafter organize by the election of the necessary officers from their own membership.


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  • Powers of a mausoleum association are such only as the statutes confer. Omaha Nat. Bank v. West Lawn Mausoleum Assn., 158 Neb. 412, 63 N.W.2d 504 (1954).

  • Association involved in case was tax-free, nonprofit association organized under this article. Bigelow v. Bigelow, 131 Neb. 201, 267 N.W. 409 (1936).