Nebraska Revised Statute 12-526

Chapter 12


Grounds; abandonment; sale; confirmation of sale.

When any sale shall have been made as hereinbefore provided, and reported to the court, the court shall examine the record of the proceedings of such sale, and if the court shall find that the sale has been regularly and fairly made, it shall confirm the same, and direct that a deed in the name of such association be duly executed, acknowledged and delivered by the president thereof, or some other officer of such association designated by the court, to the purchaser of said real estate, and that the proceeds of such sale be by said association disposed of and transferred in conformity to the order of the court made in the premises. If for any reason such sale should be set aside, said real estate shall be again offered for sale and such further proceedings had as may be necessary to carry out the orders and decrees of the court made in said proceeding.


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